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Business Central for Supply Chain Management

To manage your operations across the entire supply chain cycle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Supply Chain (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) comes with sophisticated Sale Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory management capability. Use built-in intelligence to determine what to replenish and when to replenish it, as well as to keep accurate inventory levels with real-time stock levels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC makes managing your supply chain easier with proactive tools that keep you ahead of the game. 

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM) and how does it work? 

Supply chain management, or SCM, is a phrase used in the business world. SCM refers to the transportation and storage of goods from point of origin to point of consumption (POC) and encompasses both raw materials and products in preparation as well as finished goods. 

The goal of supply chain management is to help the organization create net worth by developing a competitive infrastructure that makes use of global logistics and synchronizes supply and demand. 

Who is it intended for?

Distributors, wholesalers, and other businesses wishing to manage inventory, their clients, suppliers to reach the customer satisfaction should consider Business Central Supply Chain. From the moment a customer contacts you for an order, through purchasing and fulfillment, Business Central gives you complete access over your inventory. 


Order and pay when it's convenient for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management can alert you to the ideal time to pay suppliers, allowing you to maximize discount opportunities, build supplier relationships, and prevent excessive fines or interest rates. You can also take efforts to prevent wasteful or fraudulent payments to vendors using advanced analytics incorporated into the supply chain and processes. 

Improve the efficiency of sales orders. 

Advanced integrations and Business Intelligence are provided by Business Central, which provides insight into Supply Chain Management processes and, as a result, increases your sales and inventories through the Order-to-Cash (OtC) process. Microsoft’s CRM solution, Dynamics 365 Sales, is further integrated with Business Central. 

A total view of your warehouse 

Your warehouse is presented as a single whole, i.e., a holistic picture, in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which aids you in receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end customers in a fast and accurate manner. The system also allows you to trace all products transactions and movements by creating locations based on the structure of the warehouse and the measurements of the storage unit. 

Built-in inventory intelligence

Learn what you have in stock in real time, when it’s time to order additional products, and how to prepare for growing demand. Business Central’s built-in intelligence anticipates the optimum moment to restock your inventory, ensuring that your clients aren’t disappointed by missing items. Furthermore, you avoid the chance of your stock becoming overloaded, resulting in an unduly large capital binding. 

Maximize Profitability 

Order new products when they’re needed and pay for them when they’re due. BC alerts you when it’s the optimum time to pay your suppliers so you may obtain the best possible discount, build the best possible supplier relationship, and avoid excessive interest or penalties. 



In Outlook, create sales orders directly from email inquiries. View inventory availability in real time and create purchase orders to fulfill orders. Directly from the transactions, email sales order confirmations. 


On a single invoice, combine receipts from multiple purchases/orders. 


Purchasing process orders can be generated automatically from sales orders. Automated purchase procedures can help you manage your cash flow. 


Calculate stock levels, lead times, and reorder points automatically to optimize inventory and keep the proper quantity of goods on hand. When requested items are out of inventory, provide alternatives. 


With Dynamics 365 for Sales and Business Central together, you can track the full sales process from Lead to Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order, and Invoice. 


To automate the payables and receivables section, create recurring sales and purchase orders with their associated invoices. 


Plan for demand from sales and component lines effectively. Prepare for huge quantities or specific orders. 


Using transfer orders or the item reclassification diary, you can do the location transfers of an item’s inventory. 

These Financial Management capabilities are also beneficial. 


Without having to create a sophisticated chart of accounts, you can add endless dimensions to your chart of accounts for rich multidimensional analysis of financial transactions. 


Separate and easily accessible financial data for each company. Consolidate financial reports from numerous firms and dimensions to create robust consolidated financial reports. 


Treat your subsidiary and internal partner organizations the same way you treat your external vendors and customers, including intercompany sales order and journals. 


Make many budgets for the same time. Use budget dimensions to provide dimension information to budget entries and set filters on budgets. 


Download bank statements to perform automatic bank reconciliation. 


To quickly track incoming documents against Accounts Payable transactions, streamline Accounts Payable processing. To pay vendors by ACH, use the built-in ACH capability. 


Use Reminders for late client amounts to keep Accounts Receivable to a minimal. If necessary, add finance costs automatically. 


Allow clients to pay directly from their emailed invoices by using Microsoft Pay to avoid unnecessary or fraudulent payments


Set up and keep the customer table in good working order. Register clients and manage receivables using general journals, post sales transactions in journals and handle receivables in numerous currencies. 

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