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Dynamics 365 Case Management for EWOSA

Dynamics 365 Case Management for EWOSA

Customer: Energy and Water Ombudsman SA (EWOSA)
Products: Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Location: Australia

The Energy and Water Ombudsman SA (the EWOSA) is an independent, nonprofit company that investigates and resolves domestic and business consumer complaints against energy and water suppliers in South Australia who are members of the EWOSA scheme. EWOSA assists South Australia community with complaints on billing, credit, connections, supply, marketing, transfer, customer service, etc.

Lately the EWOSA felt the urge to move to cloud-based solutions since their on-prem solution had been preventing them from scaling up or, in other words, unlocking their full potential. Not to mention using legacy system costs them a lot in terms of licensing and maintenance.

EWOSA reached out to Smart App Business Solutions (SABS), a renowned Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, to develop a solution that is secure, affordable, scalable, comprehensive, and able to be accessed on-the-go. SABS helped EWOSA to achieve it by implementing Dynamics 365 with advanced customizations.

The Challenges

Developing complex business processes were not possible for EWOSA as their on-prem solution was not scalable. Licensing was too expensive. On-the-go access was not possible for the legacy system. So EWOSA wanted a system that will be affordable, highly customizable, and can be used on any device, from anywhere, and at any time. The EWOSA wanted a Case Management System which could help them to streamline their case management and reduce business challenges and complexities. Most importantly they needed something which would allow them to operate every activity automatically. Clean and organized case files would help their firm track all information, activities, and communications in one place. Multiple cases can be associated with a single customer. Overall, they wanted a solution that would make their case resolution quicker, streamlined, cost-effective, secure, and smart.


The Solution We Provided

After elicitation of their requirements, SABS developed an advanced Case Management System based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for case organization, task management, time tracking, workflow automation, document management, case analytics, template management, cost tracking, contact/client management, and integration with other apps. SABS customized the base application to a great extent to help EWOSA automatically create actions and in turn reduce business challenges and complexities. SABS developed Drag and Drop tool using modern components that enable EWOSA to quickly upload and easily maintain documents. It employed in-house built Data Migration tool to migrate millions of data from legacy resources to Dynamics 365 that made both parties’ journey easier during the project. The following items list main developments SABS has done for EWOSA.

The Benefits the Client Enjoyed

They have confidence in an all-in-one approach. There’s no need to go back-and-forth between multiple platforms when everything they need can be accessed in a single software solution. By using our case management software EWOSA significantly reduced case resolution time that results in great customer relationships. Automated business process flow and actions saved them from making erroneous decisions, manual work, and extensive user training. Now they have their much-anticipated dashboard that houses their cases and activities/actions in one place. Now they track every important communication i.e., automated emails, reminders, templates from timeline, so they never let a thing slip through the cracks. The perks EWOSA has been enjoying –

What our client says!

We engaged Smart App Business Solutions (SABS) to build our Case Management System based on Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The quality and level of service we received from SABS was top notch. SABS clearly understood our requirements and demonstrated a remarkably high degree of competence with Dynamics 365 which allowed them to develop an excellent solution within a very tight timeframe. The SABS team’s work ethics and their commitment to excellent customer service also made it so much easier to deliver what was a complex and technical project. We are extremely fortunate to have SABS as our Dynamics 365 implementation partner.

                                                                               –Re Ouano, Manager Finance & Corporate Services, Energy and Water Ombudsman (SA) Limited