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Dynamics 365 CRM for PTG

Dynamics 365 CRM for Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG)

Customer: Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG)
Products: Dynamics 365 CRM
Location: Australia

The Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) is an ACT local authority in Australia. Similar authority exists in all states/territories of Australia. PTG is responsible for providing trustee, guardianship, and administration services to ACT community. Its services include will-making, managing assets of the deceased, acting as attorney or agents, investing money held in specified govt trust funds, acting for people with disabilities where ordered by a Court, etc.

The Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) approached Smart App Business Solutions (SABS) to modernize their solutions – Private Management, Unclaimed Money. Legacy components had been preventing PTG from being more efficient and productive as they require users to switch between pages and tabs. Building complex logic was not possible. Data Migration was also a big hurdle for PTG. Migrating data securely and accurately from legacy sources to Dynamics 365 is another significant reason PTG hired SABS. In the end SABS was greatly successful to achieve what PTG wanted.

The Challenges

They were using legacy components for Editable Grid, Document Generator and Address Validator which affected the performance and User Experience. Business processes were time consuming to complete as users had to switch around pages/tabs. Complex business requirements were completely impossible.

The Solution We Provided

SABS implemented complex Business Applications in Dynamics 365 through PCF based modern development to cater to PTG’s unique needs. Removing legacy components such as Editable Grid, Document Generator and Address Validator, SABS provided Microsoft only solution using PCF based modern development to develop advanced but intuitive business processes that would eventually enhance the system standard functionalities and improve users’ efficiency and productivity. Automation and optimization of processes provides clients with quicker resolution, saving PTG from manual work. Additionally, vertical reports with Power BI give high-ups insights in real time that enable them to make informed decisions. SABS employed in-house built Data Migration tool to migrate millions of data from multiple resources to Dynamics 365 that made both parties’ journey easier during the engagement.

The Benefits the Client Enjoy

Through PCF based modern development we implement complex business applications in Dynamics 365 based on the business requirements. Business can now enter most of the related data from a Single Page. Also, aggregated data from multiple tables is presented in the single page.
Removing legacy components and providing Microsoft Only solution improved performance and user experience.

We provided a Data Migration Tool to migrate their data in house without the involvement of technical staff members.

Additional functionalities from our development on top of Dynamics 365 standard functionalities saved PTG from time, cost, manual reporting, and having technical experts in house.