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Google Workspace Migration and Implementation

Google Workspace Migration to Microsoft 365 and Implementation of Microsoft 365 for Penny Appeal Australia

Customer: Penny Appeal Australia
Products: Google Workspace Migration to Microsoft 365 and Implementation of Microsoft 365
Location: Australia

Penny Appeal Australia is a charitable organization providing humanitarian support as well as essential aid and welfare services to people in need around the world. Penny appeal builds wells, orphan homes and educational institutes, provides nutrition and disaster support relief. Millions of people across the globe received their aid in several forms.
Smart App Business Solutions (SABS) assisted them to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Now they enjoy comprehensive solution of Microsoft Ecosystem which enhanced their productivity and efficiency.

The Challenges

Penny Appeal Australia sought to move from their existing system to Microsoft 365 in order to have a system that would offer them a comprehensive solution with enterprise-grade email and business communication app, secure cloud storage, streamlined intranet and document management , office applications, and other productivity tools. Their previous solution used to provide some of the functionalities but would prevent them from scaling up. In upcoming days, Penny Appeal wanted to implement business applications, for instance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which their existing system did not have any solution for.

The Solution We Provided

SABS implemented Microsoft 365 for Penny Appeal and migrated them from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Documents Suite, Google Forms and Google Calendar to Outlook, OneDrive, Office Suite, Forms Pro, and Microsoft Calendar. SABS –

The Benefits the Client Enjoyed

Better Ecosystem:
Microsoft 365 offers the world’s best productivity and management tools. Its wide range of business applications includes Office Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Stream, Calendar, Planner, Dynamics 365 and many more – all on a single platform.

Better Collaboration:
With SharePoint’s file management and intranet capabilities, communicating things across the organization becomes streamlined. Outlook’s most popular enterprise-grade emailing along with scheduling, appointments, and calendar provides seamless business communication. Being an all-embracing platform that offers multitude of applications within the interface, Microsoft Teams took collaboration to a new height. Video and audio calling, call recording, document sharing, screen sharing, meeting, integrating other apps from Microsoft technology stack, and many more make Teams unparallel business communication platform. An uncontested player in the productivity application market for the last 30 years, Microsoft Office suite offers all efficient and effective productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Flexible Pricing Plans:
Penny Appeal subscribed to the plans that best fit its business scenario. It did not have to buy expensive an all-in-one license which would end up with not using most of it. Rather they chose from a range of pricing plans that best suited their business scenario where different users required different privileges. They did not have to subscribe to the enterprise plan while the business plan met their requirements.

Advanced Security and Compliance:
Another great advantage that our client enjoys is Microsoft’s improved security and compliance features. As we moved them to the cloud, data security was their most concern. With all the security and compliance set up in place, they now know their data is safe and secure and stay compliant with all applicable regulations. Microsoft 365 offers anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing protection, safe links, safe attachments, Data Loss Prevention, Information Protection, Investigation & Response, and many more. Its security features include natural data encryption that makes your files more difficult to crack.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device:
Moving their operations to the cloud, Penny Appeal now can access their data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device which enhanced their workforce’s productivity and collaboration.

Single Platform for Everything:
Another great benefit of Microsoft 365 is that this comprehensive productivity suite provides our client with everything they need to get work done. They do not need to maintain an assortment of different tools from different providers; instead, they can do everything in one place.

Enhanced Scalability:
Microsoft 365 has the capability to grow with your business. With centralized administration and security features, our client can manage their entire workforce from a central location no matter how much they grow in terms of users and workloads. Microsoft 365 provides our client with the ability to integrate with other Microsoft products, such as Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM and Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Pages, etc.)

What our client says!

Smart App Business Solutions has provided our nonprofit a complete migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 and gave us onboarding to Microsoft 365 quickly.

Aziz Dindar Chief Financial Officer, Penny Appeal Australia