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Incident Management Mobile App in Dynamics 365

Incident management is the practice of controlling any disturbance of an organization’s operations, processes, or services. Our solution is designed to streamline the process of recording and managing incidents for organizations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the Incident Management app is the perfect solution for efficient incident reporting and analysis.

Features of Incident Management Mobile App in Dynamics 365

Access a comprehensive list of all previously recorded incidents, allowing you to view the details and gain valuable insights.

Incident Form:
Easily record the name of the incident, parties involved, cause, response actions taken by authorities, and the number of injuries sustained. Additionally, capture photos of the incident directly within the app.

Offline Data:
Capture incidents even when offline, as the app stores the data locally & simply updates the information when you get an internet connection.

Take Photo:
Capture photos of incidents directly within the app, providing visual evidence and supporting documentation.

Attach Photo:
Make you able to add the visuals of any incident taken by your device previously.

Incident Management in Dynamics 365

Blank Incident Form:

Incident-Management in Dynamics 365 Incident form

Benefits of Incident Management Mobile App in Dynamics 365

Streamlined Incident Management

Management- Simplify and centralize the process of incident reporting, ensuring all necessary information is captured accurately and efficiently.

Improved Data Accessibility

Easily access and review past incidents, enabling better analysis and identification of patterns or recurring issues.

Offline Capability

Record incidents even when offline, ensuring no information is lost during periods of poor connectivity or remote locations.

Visual Documentation

Capture and attach photos to incidents, providing visual evidence and enhancing clarity in incident reports.

Increased Efficiency

Save time and effort by using a user-friendly app that automates the incident management process, allowing you to focus on resolving issues promptly.

Incident : (Previously stored incident)

Incident Management in Dynamics 365
Incident Management in Dynamics 365