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Mobile Device Management

What methods should we employ to safeguard our resources?

Microsoft Intune is the answer. Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) are also available through Intune.

Organizations can use mobile device management to protect and secure their resources and data from various devices.

Businesses can ensure that only authorized people and devices have confidential information by using mobile device management solutions. Similarly, device owners can feel secure using their phones to access work data because they know their device meets their company’s security criteria.


Intune is a service provided by Microsoft

Intune is used by many organizations, including Microsoft, to safeguard sensitive data that user’s access from both company-owned and personal devices. Intune includes:

  • Mobile Devices and app configuration options.
  • Software update rules.
  • Installation statuses (charts, tables, and reports).

These tools aid in data access security and monitoring.

People typically own many gadgets, each running on a different operating system. For example, an employee might use a Surface Pro and an Android smartphone at home. People frequently utilize multiple devices to access organizational resources such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

Intune mobile device management (mdm) allows you to manage several devices per user, as well as the platforms on which they operate, device types like iOS/iPadOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Intune organizes policies and settings by device platform. As a result, it’s simple managing mobile devices and see devices that belong to a given platform.

Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps you protect your data and devices

Policies can help to keep gadgets safe

Policies can help to keep data safe

Intune-managed devices include:

  • Rotation of BitLocker keys (Windows only)
  • Disable the Activation Lock feature (iOS only)
  • Scan in full or quickly (Only for Windows 10)
  • Lock using a remote control
  • Retire (which removes your company’s data from the device while leaving personal information intact).
  • Update Security Intelligence from Microsoft Defender
  • swab (factory reset the device, removing all data, apps, and settings)

Configuration Manager manages the following devices:

How Does Intune Perform Mobile Device Management?

Intune enables you to manage mobile devices in the most efficient way possible. You may desire comprehensive control over the mobile devices in your business, including their settings, functionality, and security. Devices and the people who utilize them “enroll” in Intune using this way. Once they’ve been enrolled, they’ll receive your rules and settings via policies set up in Intune. You can, for example, create password and PIN requirements, connect to a VPN, and block threats, among other things.

Intune’s mobile application management (MAM) protects company data at the application level, including custom and store apps. App management is available for both company-owned and personal devices. Use app protection policies that demand multi-factor authentication (MFA) for user-owned or BYOD mobile device management apps like Outlook, Teams, and others.

Administrators can use MAM to

  • Add mobile apps to user groups and devices and assign them to them.
  • Set up programs to start or run with specified settings enabled, and update apps that are already installed on the device.
  • View reports on which apps are being utilized and how they are being used.
  • Remove just organization data from apps during a selective wipe.

Administrators can do the following when devices are enrolled and maintained in Intune mobile device management:

  • View a list of enrolled devices and a list of devices with access to the organization’s services.
  • Make sure your gadgets are set up to meet your security and health needs. You might want to limit jailbroken devices, for example.
  • By sending certificates to their mobile devices, users can connect to your Wi-Fi network or use a VPN to access your network.
  • User and device compliance reports are available.
  • The data on a device that is no longer in use or lost should be erased.

Mobile Device Management Features:

Microsoft has found a Mobile device management (mdm) solution to the issues that plague today’s vast IT networks. Employees are using their mobile devices to work and seeking to access business data wherever they wish to work. This has given us new challenges as well as new opportunities. Intune mobile device management software is simply the most excellent solution for these problems.

Microsoft Intune has several mdm functionality that are beneficial to any business or corporate network:

  1. The program secures company-managed- devices and gives IT managers control over who has access to corporate data. Device lock, data encryption, passcode reset – or a complete wipe for stolen or lost devices – are just a few of the remote options available through the Intune interface.
  2. Intune mobile device management similarly manage mobile devices that are owned by the employee, which separates work from personal data. Employees can use a self-service site to register their own devices and install company-approved software.
  3. Intune protects third-party devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and others and administration mobile devices, PCs, and applications.
  4. Intune also makes setting and defining policies simple, thanks to a single admin site that allows rule configuration and device management. You can update security, scan PCs for harmful malware, track end-user activities, and more from this central location.
  5. Intune System Center Configuration Manager allows you to manage PCs, Macs, Unix/Linux-based servers, and mobile devices from a single location. It also allows you to run reports to understand hardware and software setups better.
  6. IT admins can restrict access to email or OneDrive business documents if a user comes in from an unenrolled device using Intune, which offers granular control of Office 365 and other services.
  7. A Microsoft Intune subscription includes access to Microsoft’s global phone and online support network.