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Continia Expense Management

Operate your corporate expenses easily with Expense Management Automation.

Continia Expense Management gives you a real-time overview of employee spending. Employees can upload their receipts through the expense management app, Continia Expense App, or the Continia Expense Portal, allowing immediate visibility and quicker processing.

Continia Expense Management

It automates and simplifies expense reporting for businesses, enabling employees to capture expenses on the go and upload receipts in real time. The solution automates expense approval, reimbursement, and accounting, integrates with accounting systems, and includes advanced features such as policy enforcement, auditing, and predictive analytics. Continia Expense Management improves the accuracy and efficiency of expense management, minimizes errors and fraud, and provides a better employee experience

Continia Expense Management

Features of Continia Expense Management

Automated expense capture

Continia Expense Management automates the capture of expenses, reducing the time and effort required to manually enter them.

Credit Card Integration

If you’ve got yourself a credit card, Continia Expense Management seamlessly integrates your card into its systems to easily import transactions and link them to expenses.

Mobile app

The expense management solution includes a mobile app that allows business travelers to capture receipts and expenses on the go.

Receipt scanning

The software uses OCR technology to scan and read paper receipts, ensuring that expense details are accurately captured.


The solution integrates with accounting and ERP systems to automate the transfer of expense data, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Expense reporting

It generates detailed expense reports for expenses, simplifying the process of tracking and analyzing spending.

Benefits of Continia Expense Management

  • No matter where or when expenses are added, they are instantly registered in the system.
  • No need to wait for employees to come back into the office to submit expenses, these can be approved immediately.
  • Streamlines expense management processes to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Reduces errors and ensures compliance with company policies and government regulations.
  • Enables employees to submit expenses from anywhere, using a mobile app or web portal.
  • Integrates with accounting systems (e.g., Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central) for easy tracking and reporting of expenses.
  • Provides real-time visibility into spending trends and helps identify cost reduction opportunities.
  • Automates approval workflows to speed up the reimbursement process and improve communication between employees and the finance department.
  • Offers customizable expense categories and user roles to fit each organization’s unique needs.
  • Provides audit capabilities for enhanced data security and transparency.