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Event Management Portal in Dynamics 365

The Event Management Portal is a web portal built on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It provides event planners with a comprehensive platform to manage event activities, from planning, budgeting, and scheduling to registration, ticketing and communication. Users can create and customize events and event tracks with specific dates, times, locations, and organizers. The portal enables users to sell tickets and manage registration effortlessly, with admission tracking and real-time insights into ticket sales. Communication with attendees is simplified with personalized emails and customizable notifications. 

Event Management Portal Use Case

An event management portal is a web application that helps users to manage and organize events. It can be used by event planners, organizers, and managers to streamline the event planning process. The portal can manage various aspects of an event such as venue booking, attendee registration, payment processing, and more. By using this portal, you can make bookings for performances, events, and plays in an efficient and fast-paced manner. You can also reschedule events conveniently if the need arises. Dynamics 365 offers an Event Management Portal with a comprehensive platform to oversee and organize events. The portal offers a host of features that make event management a hassle-free process. First and foremost, it provides a central location for managing all aspects of an event, from registrations to ticketing, payments, etc.

Event Management Portal in Dynamics 365

Features of Event Management Portal in Dynamics 365

The Event Management Portal in Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive tool that assists in managing events effectively. It provides a range of features including:

Planning and Budgeting

It guides you from initial planning and budgeting through promotion and publication.

Registration and Attendance Management

One system offers seamless contact, registration, and attendance management features.

Payment processing

Allow attendees to pay directly for tickets or other fees on the portal.

Agenda management

Display the event schedule and details and make real-time changes.

Social media integration

Allow attendees to connect and share via social media platforms.

Feedback and surveys

Collect feedback from attendees and plan for improvements in future events.

Reporting and analytics

Analyze attendee data, track ROI, and improve future event planning.


Customize the look and feel of the portal to match your organization’s branding.

Mobile accessibility

Access the portal and manage events via mobile devices.

Email marketing

Automate marketing emails, and send personalized messages to registrants before, during, and after an event.

Session and Speaker Management

 It allows for session tracking and speaker management.

Venue and Guest Logistics

It provides venue management for tracking buildings, rooms, and room layouts, and guest logistics for registering hotels, room allocation, and reservations.

Sponsor Tracking

 It enables tracking sponsors and their sponsorships for each event

Microsoft Teams Integration

 It supports creating Microsoft Teams webinars and live events.

The portal also provides a preconfigured dashboard that gives a broad overview of your event-planning activities and the overall results for all your events. You can view the event-management dashboard on any dashboard page in any area of Dynamics 365.

Benefits of Event Management Portal in Dynamics 365

Event Management Portal

These benefits make the Event Management Portal a powerful tool for managing events effectively and efficiently.