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Dynamics 365 Case Management Pro

Dynamics 365 Case Management Pro is an end-to-end case management solution offering a wide range of features that enable organizations to better serve their customers and efficiently manage caseloads.  From initial reporting of incidents, through the remediation process, to the final resolution, it keeps a long and happy relationship with customers. A single dashboard gives access to contacts, client information, documents, bills, associated activities. Customization through modern development to cater to unique requirements of organizations gives it an extra edge over competing solutions. We have built the solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service as base application. it has been extended further by our team of solution architects to meet complex case management scenario. Our extension covers document management with drag and drop functionality.

Features Of Dynamics 365 Case Management System

Use our case management software for case organization, time tracking, document management, calendaring and billing no matter where you are


A case represents a single incident of service. Clean and organized case files help your firm track all information, activity, and communication in one place. Multiple cases can be associated with a single customer at any time.

Cloud Based

Cloud solutions means all your case files are stored in the exact shared location.You get flexible access to the latest versions of files associated with cases and can organize them a lot more seamlessly. Case data stored on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and from any approved device. 

Task Management

View outstanding work and open tasks, assign them to staff members for completion, and rely on our automated reminders to stay on track.

Case Analytics

 We provide data insights that will help you learn and adapt, so your firm can keep cases moving forward. Track the status of all your cases so nothing slips through the cracks, and apply reports that you have previously built to new cases.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a process by which a system can  complete task and activities without human intervention. Workflow automation is used for designing and implementing business processes that provide a positive customer experience and enhance operational efficiency.

Document Management

All documents, case files, and internal templates are centralized, secure, collaborative, and easily accessible. Your team and clients can access documents and execute documents with unlimited eSignature wherever they are.

Template Management

A template is a predesigned document you can use to create documents quickly without having to think about formatting.

Calendar Management

Case Management Pro tracks every important deadline, so that you don’t have to.  Combine all your appointments, meetings, and events into one central calendar, so you never let a thing slip through the cracks.

Cost tracking

Recover full out-of-pocket expenses on every case. The cost request center streamlines communication with accounting, integrating 


The timeline  section gives you a unified view of everything that’s happening on a case, like email received, a follow-up task that you created, system posts that are automatically generated when the cases is created, or any notes you take while talking to the customer. When you update an activity, it moves up in the timeline 

Contact/Client Management

Contact records store much of the information that you and your team collect from your customers. You store data about companies you do business with in accounts.


Case management integrates with a number of leading tools to help you get work done.

Customization for every type of case

Save time by creating workflows and triggers that automate tasks your team and practice area.

  • Remove redundant administrative work by automating tasks, events, and deadline creation
  • Create unique triggers to set the workflow in motion 
  • Calendar a case or deadline with just one click 

Keep every case on track

Organize all of your case details in one place with centralized calendar events, staff delegation software, and due date allocation. Easily integrate Case Management Pro with external calendars such as Google or Outlook so you have all important deadlines in one place.

Accessible anytime, any place

We have confidence in an all-in-one approach. There’s no need to go back-and-forth between multiple platforms when everything you need can be accessed in a single software solution. Case Management pro is the ultimate one-stop shop for your business, offering seamless integrations with popular applications, so your firm always stays synchronized.