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Risk Management System

Our Risk Management System supports risk management for any company. Our system runs on Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment. It is highly secure, reliable, accessible at any time on any device, and manageable. You do not need additional investment in hardware, software, infrastructure, and resources. Because of the availability of Office 365 we can make this application available in any part of the globe where Office 365 is available. 

Good news for Nonprofits is that Microsoft made Office 365 Nonprofit free. Why use more than one system to manage your organization when you can do it in one system only!


Key Features

Key features of Smart App Business Solutions – Risk Management System

Risk Information

Risk ID
Risk Profile
Risk Officer

Analysis & Evaluation

Risk Category
Risk Consequence
Risk Likelihood
Risk Level

Action Plan

Mitigation Plan
Contingency Plan
Trigger Date

Monitor & Review

Risk Status
Risk Response
Risk Strategy
Risk Review Date

Data Visualization

Stunning Visuals

Business Process Automation

Dynamic Risk Matrix
Easy Coordination with internal departments

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