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Power Apps and Power Automation Solutions
In Power Platform we build Application and Business Processes in days rather than weeks and months.

Power Automate and Power Apps both go hand in hand. With Power Apps you can turn ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges. And with Power Automation you can boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes.
We have a range of existing applications in Power Platform built using only Power Apps and Power Automate to achieve complex business requirements. Following are a few examples.

Our Services

  1. Analyzing your application requirements.
  2. Finding best licensing options.
  3. Finding best solutions for your business requirements.
  4. Configuring Power Platform environments.
  5. Developing Power Apps (Model Driven/Canvas/Portal).
  6. Developing Power Automation for your Business Processes.
  7. Integrating your applications with Microsoft Applications and Third-Party applications using Power Automation.
  8. Training and Adoption.

SharePoint Application Automation in Power Apps and Power Automate

  • Responsive and attractive User Interface in Power Apps for Data Entry, Signature Capture and Multiple document attachment capabilities.
  • User’s details and list of approvers are auto populated to associated controls.
  • Receives application from users using Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Stores Data in SharePoint List with attachments in List Item or in associated Document Library.
  • Automates approval emails and approval process with educate information bout the request and associated documents.
  • Up on final decision, all documents get merged to a single document and uploaded to the associated Document Library.
  • Security trimming has been managed through Power automation so that submitter cannot see review process before final decision made.
Sharepoint Solution in Power Apps - Request Page
Sharepoint Solution in Power Apps - Approval Page

Volunteer Management System in Power Apps

  • Volunteer Submits Application through website or Microsoft Forms.
  • Responsible officers receive email with attachments and link to Power App record.
  • Responsible officers review application and changes application status based on their decision.
  • If application gets approved
    • User Account for volunteer gets created in Azure Active Directory.
    • Volunteer get required licenses assigned.
    • Volunteer Receives an email with application status and credentials for Microsoft 365.
  • Once Volunteer is deactivated in Power Apps, Licenses gets unassigned from user account Azure user account gets blocked

Stripe and Dynamics 365 Integration

Stripe is a third-party most popular payment gateway. Strip and Microsoft 365/Dynamics 365 has got no direct connection.
We have implemented bidirectional synchronization between Stripe and Dynamics 365 by using Power Automation and Power Apps only. We did not have to use any other third-party connector or APIs except what comes from Stripe.


  • Stripe User Interfaces for Customer, Products, Subscriptions, Payment Methods, Transactions, etc. in Power Apps.
  • Bidirectional synchronization between Stripe and Power Platform for Customers, Products, Subscriptions, Charges, Payment Methods, Transactions, etc.
  • Charge can be made directly from new card and Saved Card in Power Platform.
  • New cards can be saved directly from Power Platform against Customer.