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Wiise – Clever ERP and accounting software to run your business

Wiise is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built for local Australia that manages your Accounting, Finance, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Operations, Payroll, and more. It also includes Bank feeds, Inventory, CRM, Business reporting and integrations with eCommerce and other apps. Wiise allows you to manage your whole business from anywhere, anytime.

Big Business Starts at an Affordable Price

Smart App Business Solutions is a Wiise partner. Made to fit the Australian market, built by locals who know how you work, Wiise is ERP software that manages your accounting, payroll, bank feeds, inventory, CRM and more in one place. Clever cloud tech that you can access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Wiise dashboard

Features of Wiise

When your business grows beyond managing the books, Wiise ERP and accounting software moves with you. Manage all your operations and payroll in the cloud, in one hub.


All of your entities in one system

Make use of a single Wiise account for each entity. Streamline intercompany interactions with simple purchase and sales processes and one-time entry document processing. With customized reporting, you may see the whole picture of expenditure, profit, and loss for every business.

Are there more transactions now? Don’t worry unlimited transactions allow Wiise to expand along with you.

Boost productivity at work with Microsoft Office

To reclaim time, use Wiise with your regular Office 365 applications, such as Excel and Outlook. Effortlessly manage your day by interacting with your team, issuing invoices directly from Outlook, or obtaining client insights through email.

Financial management for your business

Use Wiise ERP to advance your company. Handle every entity from one location. Get the data you need to prepare, together with thorough and up-to-date financial reports. Obtain current financial reporting. Make confident predictions. Make confident decisions.

Why should financial services be handled by Wiise?

  • Reporting in real time
  • The management of multiple entities
  • Located in an Azure cloud.
  • Precise and comprehensive forecasting
  • Compliant with the ATO and Single Touch Payroll
  • The bank feeds for Australia
  • Monitor projects to see actual job costs.
  • Security compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27017
Wiise for Accounting
Wiise Warehouse


Manage all your sites, in one place

No matter where your inventory is, manage it. View the locations of objects’ movements and storage, as well as their transit routes and stages of delivery. and stock reports broken down by location and category so you can obtain the information you need when you need it.

You may quickly determine the whereabouts of your inventory at any moment, from your warehouses to your customers.

 Maintain customer satisfaction with adaptable shipping and order monitoring
Ship straight to your consumer from suppliers utilizing drop shipment to avoid bearing the expense of warehousing. To ensure that the order is delivered to the correct address every time, add several ship-to locations for each customer.
Keep your consumers informed by tracking the precise location of all your shipments in real-time.

Streamline your warehousing and distribution processes

Manage all finance, order and inventory in one location

No matter where your inventory is in the supply chain, get real-time visibility over it. Make informed decisions by utilizing precise demand forecasting and astute inventory management features. 

ERP software that oversees every aspect of your company’s operations. Wiise provides distribution and warehousing services to Australian companies.

 Speed up fulfillment times 

Our mobile warehouse management tool allows you to observe warehouse activity in real time, empower your staff, and do away with paperwork.

Make your inventory management automated.

  • Easily view and control available stock
  • Recognize profitability and expiration
  • Oversee inventories at several locations.
  • Obtain precise demand projections.
  • Improved replenishing of stocks

A comprehensive picture of your warehouse

When needed, get a full picture of your inventory across all your locations. 

Wiise Accounting

Astute accounting made for Australian businesses

Report your way
Add custom fields to your accounts to view your company’s distinctive aspects.

Examine your cash flow
Utilize dashboards to view the current cash flow and make confident plans.

Control payments
Streamline your vendor relationships and accounting procedures. View information such as past-due payables and payment history.

Oversee fixed assets
Consider the costs associated with depreciation, disposal, and upkeep of your fixed assets.

Make use of several currencies
Provide a real-time feed of currency rates, complete with updates, to your clientele.

Your invoices, your trademark
Make sure the quotes and bills you receive look the way you want. Editing them in Word is simple.

Take charge of your entire company and obtain the necessary insights. 

Accounting you can rely on 

With the help of Wiise’s robust accounting package, which includes a Chart of Accounts created especially for Australian businesses, purchase and sales invoices, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger, you can effectively manage your money.

Additionally, you can configure Wiise to suit your needs with its multi-entity, multi-currency, and customizable accounting period options.   

Accessible financial reports

Whenever and whenever you decide, you can do so with confidence since you have up-to-date financial information. View your P&L, generate GL reports, and predict your cash flow with ease. You’re always current with Wiise. 

Wiise for Accouning
Wiise Operations


Wiise for professional services 

Organize your entire company more effectively

Keep track of the money you spend on tasks and projects and view the completion percentage. Handle every entity from one location. and obtain financial reporting in real time.

Wiise for operations

Understanding your production orders inside and out
By organizing production materials meticulously, you may expedite the process and manage your supply. Provide a multi-level bill of materials with subassemblies and components so you can see what you’ll need to make finished goods. and create inventory based on demand. To make an accurate forecast, see the production variance clearly.

Take charge of your production line by establishing distinct procedures for each of your products, from finishing to welding and spraying. Simplify your supply orders by instructing the warehouse to choose parts and make additional purchases.

Comprehensive Production Scheduling

Specific production components
Establish multi-level assemblies and BOMs to ensure that you are aware of every component required to make an item.

Precise preparation
Establish procedures. Plan out your production tasks. The Master Plan Schedule aids in your detailed production planning.

Planning for capacity
Clearly see your resource available to manage personnel and equipment and keep tabs on related expenses.

Manage output
Oversee all production phases, from simulating quotes to releasing the finished product onto the floor. Clearly see the expense and waste.

Capacity for production
Align the availability of your workforce with your production capacity to optimize the efficiency of your work canter.

Management of services
Easy to use scheduling and tracking for service calls. Using their mobile devices, your field technicians can update their jobs in real time.

Complete manufacturing management

Seamlessly incorporated into your forecasts, purchasing, planning, sales, and operations.

Confident capacity planning

Determine each resource’s production capacity and observe it. To improve the efficiency of your production schedule, see which of your machines, tools, and workers are available to finish a certain task. By identifying what is and is not functioning in your manufacturing line, you can make precise plans for the future and cut expenses.

Accurately estimate and schedule production

Take into consideration projected purchasing, transfers, and output by meticulously planning your production line and scheduling. Check the inventory availability by time, location, and breakdown of the bill of materials to make sure you have all you need to finish production and estimate time. 

Use quotation simulation to get a solid understanding of the cost up front. Determine the precise dates on which your items will be completed and put into production on the factory floor so you can assess expenses and waste. With the aid of Wiise, you may precisely determine demand and maintain an advantage by timely delivery of the appropriate number of commodities to the appropriate place.

wiise Payroll

Finish timesheets without adding administrative hours

Completing timesheets shouldn’t be feared. Timesheets and payroll are fully integrated in Wiise. This translates to more accurate and up-to-date timesheets and less tedious data entry.

To save time, pre-fill fields in bulk to reduce admin time or use your mobile device to complete timesheets on the spot.

Simplify your employee compensation process

One-touch payroll processing
Compliant with ATO Single Touch Payroll, enabling you to fulfill regulatory reporting obligations.

Self-service for employees
Workers can take care of their own HR requirements, including updating their HR information and turning in timesheets.

Automated computation of awards
Pre-built, contemporary awards simplify complex pay awards and make paying employees right simple.

Continue to comply
Wise Payroll complies with Fair Work laws. Your super payments will also be automated with the aid of super stream compliance.

Timesheets that are integrated
Easily integrate timesheets to keep track of the time spent by your staff. You can quickly discover who hasn’t sent in.

Simple rostering
Send shift notices, create rosters, and check who’s available. Workers can switch shifts using their mobile devices.

View the Wiise interface’s functionality for timesheets, rostering, shift switching, pay awards, superannuation, and single touch compliance.

Make your payroll automatic

All of your operations, accounting, and payroll in one location.


Keep up with automated rewards

Bewildered by intricate adjustments in pay awards? With pre-built, contemporary awards that are automatically updated when circumstances change, Wise Payroll does the thinking for you. It also complies with Fair Work. so you can be certain that your employees are always paid correctly.


Maintain adherence

A payroll system that guarantees your company complies with ATO regulations will ease your mind regarding pay regulations. With Wiise’s superstream capabilities and one touch payroll readiness, you can fulfill your government reporting requirements and make large payments without stress. Payroll regulations are easier to adhere to thanks to Wiise.

Wiise for Payroll

Wiise provides everything you need to manage your business in one place

Bring everything you need to run your business into one hub. Get the information you need anytime, anywhere with software that grows with you.


See the full picture and get the right information instantly

Accounting, inventory, people, payroll and operations in one hub


Affordable packages for small and medium businesses

Wiise subscription packages make ERP technology accessible 


The information you need to make decisions confidently

Real-time insights, powerful forecasting and reporting


Software that grows with your business without the stress

No manual upgrades, just unlock enterprise features as you go


Seamless connection with Microsoft tools and platforms

Work in your familiar, everyday tools, connected at no extra cost


Customised for Aussie businesses

Made to fit the Aussie market, built by locals who know how you work


Your information is in safe hands

Wiise is housed in secure, Australia-based Microsoft Azure data centres


Supported by industry experts

Created by KPMG, built on Microsoft, backed by CommBank — leaders in their fields

See Wiise in action

More than just accounting software, Wiise is clever business software designed to streamline processes and run your entire business in one hub. Check out the video to find out more.

Why Wiise?

Obtain more insightful business information: Offering streamlined reporting, strong forecasting, and real-time insights.

Connect Wiise to the tools you use: Wiise easily connects to Microsoft Office 365 and other resources.

Designed for Australian businesses: Use solutions specifically tailored to the Australian market to save setup expenses.

Maintain the security of your company’s data: ISO-certified, built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

More Wiise Features

Designed to handle the needs of growing Australian businesses, Wiise brings accounting, operations, inventory, people and more into one hub. Here are some of our features.


Integrated and streamlined banking.

Give up juggling spreadsheets and different logins to handle payments and reconciliation. Handle your bookkeeping and banking together in a one location.

Multiple location inventor

Ensure that the demand for your inventory is met. Become the master of your stock. Give up using spreadsheets for inventory management.

Check the actual condition of your stock

With a clear, up-to-date view of your inventory, you can locate things quickly. To make it easier to find what you need, group things by price, serial number, units of measurement, and other criteria that are important to you.

Simplify the planning of your supplies

With integrated inventory management, you can process orders more quickly and satisfy your consumers. Everything is interconnected in Wiise. To simplify order expectations, you can not only add several suppliers to an item but also specify the promised, estimated, and actual delivery dates. allowing you to view price lists, lead times, and a list of preferred or multiple vendors.

Multi-stage manufacturing

Fully automate all of your planning and workflows. seamlessly incorporated into your forecasts, purchasing, planning, sales, and operations.

Accurately estimate and schedule production

Take into consideration projected purchasing, transfers, and output by meticulously planning your production line and schedule. Check the inventory availability by time, location, and breakdown of the bill of materials to make sure you have all you need to finish production and estimate time.

Wiise - the Australian ERP for Microsoft 365

These include the following:

Benefits of Wiise

Wiise is intelligent business software that can manage the complexities of expanding companies. Here are just a few of the advantages of Wiise:

  • Reporting in real time
  • The management of multiple entities
  • Located in an Azure cloud.
  • Precise and comprehensive forecasting
  • Compliant with the ATO and Single Touch Payroll
  • The bank feeds for Australia
  • Monitor projects to see actual job costs.
  • Security compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27017