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Teams Telephony

Teams Telephony

Teams Telephony is a modern cloud-based  telephony solution that integrates into office 365. It gives you access to flexible cloud voice, video, chat and share functionality on an industry preferred platform without any compromise in the telephony features your business needs.

Features of Teams Telephony

It eliminates investment and technical costs and allows you to scale with ease – you’re no longer restricted by sophisticated hardware or technical costs.

Call recording 
available for softphone, desktop and mobile. Stored within a private cloud, which adheres to PCI compliance.

Call Centre/Call queue
queue calls with custom on-hold messages until your staff become available to take calls, reducing risk of missed calls going to voicemail or going unanswered

Web receptionist console
provide real time information around user presence in your organization and call handling in real time via a web console.

Call centre Scalable solutions to suit a range of needs from basic front of house to full-service desk requirements. Access on every device with no installation or onsite configuration, connecting users to multiple call centres and queuing up to 525 calls. It includes
Cloud voice Carrier grade, enterprise level solutions to replace expensive, aging PBXs. Connect to the cloud and experience advanced call features for call handling, call management and productivity, proven business continuity and reliable call services, and simple online tools for self-serve set up, monitoring and reporting. Customers can keep their phone number and choose from flexible licensing plans with included calls or PAYG.

Auto Attendant
direct your calls to the appropriate department reducing double handling.

Web supervisor console
tools to visually monitor your team’s performance for inbound/outbound calls and reporting

Hunt groups
distribute calls to available agents, includes voicemail options

Selective call routing
redirect calls based on time and day policies to suit your business hours across multiple sites and time zones.

Caller ID
You decide which number to show when you make an outbound call: your fixed office number, your mobile number or the PBX number.

Advantages of integrating Teams with your telephony

When you integrate your telephony and PBX with Teams, you’ll improve the possibilities of having more efficient meetings with clients and colleagues. To not have to deal with an array of systems, interfaces, user-profiles and logins are just a few great things about Teams.

Two-way syns means your status is always up to date in each platform. No more annoying calls when you are in the meeting.
Seamless link between outlook and Telephony means all your contact information is available where you need it.
Work more efficiently with your colleagues by linking your availability profiles to the PBX
Support team managers can see who's available and when.
Everything is one platform. You can make and answer directly, so there is no need to switch between platform.

Teams Telephony Pricing

Teams Telephony is available in three different packages for businesses. All prices are exclusive of GST/VAT and other indirect taxes.