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Data Migration in Dynamics 365

Data Migration in Dynamics 365 for EWOSA

Customer: Energy and Water Ombudsman SA (EWOSA)
Products: Data Migration in Dynamics 365
Location: Australia

The Energy and Water Ombudsman SA (the EWOSA) is an independent, nonprofit company that investigates and resolves domestic and business consumer complaints against electricity, gas, and water suppliers in South Australia who are members of the EWOSA scheme. EWOSA assists South Australia community with complaints on billing, credit, connections, supply, marketing, transfer, customer service, etc.
EWOSA recently approached Smart App Business Solutions (SABS) to develop a solution to replace the former’s legacy system. With the help of SABS, a renowned Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, EWOSA implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Service to replace their old system that had been preventing them from scaling up and costing them a lot in terms of licenses and maintenance. With advanced customization by SABS, EWOSA finally developed a solution that is secure, affordable, scalable, comprehensive, and able to be accessed on-the-go.
Data migration from legacy system to new system was one of the biggest hurdles for EWOSA. With SABS in-house built Data Migration tool, herculean task of data migration becomes easy and streamlined which users would otherwise find complex and time-consuming. SABS migrated millions of data with 100% accuracy.

The Challenges

EWOSA needed to migrate millions of data over many years from their complex legacy system to newly deployed Dynamics 365 solution. They knew the migration would be complex in nature, tedious, and would take a huge amount of time. So, they needed a tool that would migrate the data easily and quickly with highest accuracy while maintaining referential integrity across tables and data types. They needed something that would manage data quality, handle errors properly, and avoid duplicate records. SABS’ Data Migration tool catered to all their requirements and many more.

The Solution We Provided

We developed a Custom Data Migration Tool with the following features.

The Benefits the Client Enjoyed

What our client says!

Smart App Business Solutions have a very strong understanding of the data structures behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 and what was needed for us to successfully migrate our data into this new system. As part of our development, we needed to migrate many years’ worth of existing data from our existing complex system, which required maintaining referential integrity across many tables and data types. For this Smart App Business Solutions have developed a custom data migration App and methodology that streamlines the process. I was able to use this App directly and I found it to be fast and user friendly, including the ability to roll-back and trouble shoot certain migration batches when needed. It was a pleasure working with the team at Smart App Business Solutions who were very committed and attentive with their support. Their team are totally steadfast in their approach and always very responsive to any challenges encountered throughout the development process, which to me was a crucial factor towards achieving success.
-Tom Winkler, Business Intelligence Analyst, Energy & Water Ombudsman SA.