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Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration

Snapforms is a cloud-based form builder that allows businesses to quickly create custom online forms without any programming skills. With Snapforms, users can choose from a variety of pre-built templates or start from scratch to create forms that are tailored to their specific needs. The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to add fields such as text boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes. Users can also configure their forms to collect payments, add branding elements, and integrate with other software platforms.

Features of Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration

Smart App Business Solutions’ Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration offers the following features.

Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration
Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration

Who the Snapforms is for

This is a wonderful solution for any business that requires online forms to process registration, onboarding, surveys, inquiries, service or support requests, online poll, lead generation, etc. NDIS service providers in Australia quite often require forms like Snapforms for their client onboarding process, registration, service requests, patient information, booking, payment, etc. Broadly, Snapforms offers online forms for any purpose. Thousands of Australian organizations of all sizes use Snapforms to improve processes and capture accurate data. Those organizations come from the following industries.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 and Snapforms Integration

Dynamics 365 and Snapfroms Integration

Dynamics 365 and Snapforms integration can offer numerous benefits to businesses. Firstly, it can streamline the processes and workflows by automating data entry tasks. This saves time and reduces errors that may arise from manual data entry. Secondly, the integration can help improve data accuracy, making it easier to capture and track customer interactions and activities. Additionally, it can help improve customer engagement and satisfaction by enabling businesses to quickly respond to their needs. The integration can also provide real-time visibility into critical business data, allowing users to make informed decisions. Finally, integrating Dynamics 365 and Snapforms can simplify report generation, making it easy to analyze data and extract insights that can inform business strategy. Overall, this integration can help businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction while delivering real-time insights for better decision making.

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Microsoft Platform Integration

We link Business Central with the rest of the Microsoft suite, requiring you to register simply once and then access all programs as needed. Microsoft 365’s components are fully integrated, ensuring a continuous flow of information. For example, you can sync contact information between Outlook and your ERP system. As a result, you only enter data once.


With Microsoft Azure, you have access to all your information in the cloud, so you will never lose your information or be without functionality.