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Continia with Business Central

Continia’s enhanced applications can automatically identify, and upload scanned or digital documents, such as invoices, to Business Central. Continia is a complete solution that will save your time and make your document capture and expense management process more efficient. You’ll be able to directly access and benefit from a more efficient document capture and expense management strategy with our fully managed Smart App Business Solutions deployment!


Continia is a document capture and expense management solution that can be integrated with both Business Central and NAV. It provides an accelerated and precise streamlined document capture process, making it easier to keep on top of employee expenses, manage documents & make sure that timely and accurate reports can be delivered.

Continia with Business Central

Problems Continia solves

Lost invoices

Lost invoices can be a huge headache for businesses. Not only do they tend to get annoying and time-consuming to track down, but they can also lead to a lot of lost sales. When it comes to lost invoices, continia has the solution in Business Central for you.

Invoices remaining unpaid

Invoices remaining unpaid are a common problem for small businesses. It can be difficult to track down the source of the invoices that are still outstanding, especially if they’ve been sent to different companies over time. This can lead to a lot of stress and confusion, which can have negative impacts on your business.

Immediate approval process

Continia Solution in Business Central offers an immediate approval process. This means you can always trust that your changes will be implemented quickly and without issues.

Features of Continia with Business Central

Continia Document Capture

Document Capture

Continia provides a solution that automates daily invoice processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Continia Document Capture can handle all aspects of your everyday invoice processing, from receiving and registering documents to retrieving them for approval, auditing, and reporting. This app supports a wide range of document formats, PDF files, and electronic documents with out-of-the-box support for major XML-based invoicing formats in Australia. You can also automatically download PDF files from predefined e-mail addresses and process them using award-winning OCR technology– without involving anyone. Paper documents are scanned with a desktop or network scanner and then processed in the same way as PDF files are.

Expense Management

Continia Expense Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to manage expenses by using a smartphone. Employees can easily do the expense reporting by taking pictures of receipts, filling in the required fields, and sending them directly for invoice approval using continia. The mobile app also has integrated with major credit card providers so employees can reconcile credit card transactions to expenses.
It’s simple and quick to reimburse employees who use a personal or company vehicle for business travel. The mobile software uses Google Maps to compute distances and recommend routes, with an image of the itinerary displayed right on the screen.


Document Output

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily distribute documents and reports to your customers all over the world, no matter where you live. You get a clear overview of all documents, which indicates who is to receive them via email and who requires them in paper form. You can choose to process all documents in batches or select individual files for processing. HTML-editor makes it easy to enter company logos and campaign banners and attach files and documents if needed.
You may also use merge fields to fill in information like the sender’s name, the customer’s name, the email address, and so forth. After you’ve finished configuring your email templates, all you must do now is choose the report you want to use.

Benefits of Continia

No integration

Because the Continia is designed within Dynamics, no integration is required. 

Easy to maintain

The solutions are easy to maintain because they are designed directly within Dynamics. 

Cheaper installation

When compared to external installations, Dynamics-built solution lower the amount of complexity and time needed on the deployment processes. 

More Benefits

  • Improve efficiency in your organization
  • Accelerate finance processes
  • Automated data capture
  • Scanning of expense or purchase invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central using continia document capture
  • Automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive 
  • Automates workflow processes
  • Efficient processing and registering of documents
  • Eliminate the need to manually register and handle documents
  • It’s easy and quick to search for documents that have been stored in the past.

There are three types of user who use Continia Expense Management

Employees: Who make direct expenditures — those who submit payments and enter them into the system via the mobile app or the Continia Expense Portal.

Managers (approvers): Who verify and accept or reject the legitimacy of incurred expenses. The expense approval process can be done directly in Business Central or through the Continia Web Approval Portal. Limits on the amounts that different sorts of users are authorized to approve can be specified.

Bookkeepers: This user enter the final financial or material expenditures in Business Central.



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